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How Many Bras Do I Need?


Start with basics

Everyone needs a good combination of basic, well fitting, go-to bras, especially if you’re re-vamping your bra wardrobe. “Basic” is different for everyone, so find what that means for you and your clothing, or style needs.

  • Have 3-5 well fitting, basic bras that work with 70% of your wardrobe so you can rotate them and not over-wear them
  • You can try out different types, then start noticing which color or style you reach for most often. This will clue you in to purchase more of that kind
  • Keep your wardrobe in mind when buying basics. Buy the colors and coverage that work for your unique style


Strapless and convertible

Because these bras can be used for more than one function, they’re a total must have!

  • I think every bra wardrobe should have a convertible strap, and strapless bra
  • These can go under several different tops like racerback, halter, one shoulder, cut out, and of course strapless
  • Even if you don’t have some of these items in your clothing wardrobe now, get these bras. Because now when you’re shopping, you know you’ll have that bra as an option and you CAN buy that cute strapless top or dress you can’t stop thinking about

Hurray style

I mean, what’s a bra wardrobe without a little hurray in there, right?

  • Basics and functional bras are a must… and so is something with a little hurray in it.
  • Personally I think every woman should own a well fitting, supportive, classic black lace bra. So gorgeous, and sexy!
  • Go with whatever you like: plunge, lace, colorful, embroidered, cut out, etc.
  • These are especially useful to have in your arsenal on a rainy Monday, or date night. You can choose to put on something that will really put some hurray in your day

Sports bras

Please do not use your basic or old bras as sports bras. I beg you.

  • If you exercise, a few sports bras are a MUST.
  • Never wear your basic bras when working out. You’ll ruin your bras and you aren’t protecting your breast tissue
  • There are varying degrees of support, including underwires for high impact or softer bras for yoga and pilates.
  • Because you usually wash sports bras more often they expire faster – so invest in a few to rotate

Sleep or travel bras:

  • Ok this one is really optional, but it’s something I can’t live without
  • I love to sleep in a soft, non underwire bra. Don’t go too tight or restrictive for sleeping
  • A non-underwire bra feels great, plus it’s wonderful for traveling on those long flights or drives across the country
  • Especially useful for running errands or around the house
  • Great for staying at someone else’s house – like breakfast in your in-law’s kitchen or when guests are in your home

Build a bra wardrobe that fits well and feels great so that every time you reach for a bra, it makes you say hurray.


by Kimmay | Sep 2, 2016 | Bra Options, Hurray for Lingerie, Q&A


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