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Aristelle is more than a bra fitting boutique and online store. We offer specialized services to treat our customers to the very best.

Personalized Bra Fitting

In our store, you can meet our lingerie specialists who are experts at bra fitting. With over 100 different bra sizes in our store and in-depth knowledge of a range of different styles and designs, we can help you find the perfect fit. 

For Online customers, you still have access to the helpful knowledge our lingerie specialists. You can reach us by phone 207-842-6000 or email with questions, or you can schedule a Face Time or Skype fitting. We will also be happy to tell you about our brands, different bra styles and shapes and help you understand key features to look for when buying a bra. 

Free Shipping

We believe you deserve to get your products free and fast. See your shipping options here.

Gift Registry & Wishlists

We maintain a ‘wishlist’ for each of our customers. If someone is looking to buy you a gift, make it easy for them by keeping your wishlist items and sizing information up-to-date. We also offer gift registry services for brides, soon-to-be moms or even birthdays. 

Private Parties

Aristelle can organize bridal showers, honeymoon-prep parties, events for soon-to-be moms or anyone else interested in having a fun closed-door evening in the store with friends, refreshments and private fittings.