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Bra Strap Etiquette: The Chic Guide to Showing Your Straps

Bonjour, visible bra straps. After years of being dismissed and hushed under our outfits, we’re so glad you’re no longer considered a fashion faux-pas.

A flirty fashion statement long embraced in France, the revealed bra strap has arrived on the style scene. When done right, showing peeks of your bra strap from under your outfit exudes unapologetic confidence.


Here are some French-approved tips for showing peeks of your bra straps from under your outfit.

The Rules

  • Make it appear deliberate. This style is only chic if it’s an intentional component of a put-together look. The exposure should look like deliberate layering.
  • Keep your straps in mint condition. Your worn-out favorite bras are not good candidates for this look. Make sure your straps are clean and unfrayed, and of course, stylish (for example: subtle touches of lace, embroidery, or delicate spaghetti straps).
  • Be color conscious. Exposed straps must be done with the right color bra. Exposed bra straps work best with black straps under a black spaghetti strap dress, or red under red, for example. Feeling a bit more risqué? Navy under white can be stylish and edgy.
  • Sex appeal in moderation. A little strap goes a long way. When it comes to perfecting this look, always keep in mind the French art of toute en modération (everything in moderation) by keeping the rest of your look classic and tailored.
  • Don’t go nude. Skip exposing your nude t-shirt bras in favor of coordinating colors and pretty details. The look will appear more elegant and intentional.

How to Wardrobe It:

  • Off-the-Shoulder Chic. A little something off-the-shoulder is the perfect opportunity to allow your straps—and sexy peek of your collarbone—to show. Try the look with a flowy sweater or off-one-shoulder top.
  • Open Back. Wondering what to wear under your sexy summer top or dress with a slinky open back? Look for a bra that demands to be seen, such as intricate lace back patterns or playful colors. You’ll make an oh-la-la impression as you walk away. 
  • Let it Sheer. There’s something sweetly feminine—and yet thrilling—about a pretty bra peeking out from under an elegant sheer or lace top. Be sure to match the color of your bra to your top for a subtle and sophisticated layered look.




Courtesy of Simone Perele

April 28, 2017


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