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Fitting Guide

Getting fit for a bra is not only about discovering your correct size, it’s about learning which styles and brands suit your body shape and discovering what will give you the best support and provide the most comfort.

All brands run differently, all women run differently (thank goodness!), and some people prefer different silhouettes. Our lingerie specialists are trained to help you find the perfect fit. 

What to expect during a fitting at the store

  • Our lingerie specialists will do a quick measurement with a measuring tape as a starting point
  • We may want to see you in the bra you are wearing. This will help us show you where improvements can be made
  • We will bring in different brands and styles for you to try and together we will find the best-fitting and most comfortable bra 


Bra-fitting is more of an Art than a Science. But there are a few simple ways to get to an educated guess.

Step 1 – Calculate your Band Size.

Step 2 – Measure over your Bust.


Step 3 – Using your Band Measurement, Find your Bra Band Size using the following chart.

Band Measurement Band Size Band Measurement Band Size
26 28 39 40
27 28 40 40-42
28 28-30 41 42
29 30 42 42-44
30 30-32 43 44
31 32 44 44-46
32 32-34 45 46
33 34 46 46-48
34 34 47 48
35 36 48 48-50
36 36-38 49 50
37 38 50 50-52
38 38-40 52 52

Step 4 – Subtract your Bust Measurement from your Original Band Measurement to get your Cup Size.

Subtract Your Band
From Your Bust
Cup Size
1 inch A
2 inches B
3 inches C
4 inches D
5 inches E
6 inches F
7 inches G
8 inches H
9 inches I
10 inches J

Other things to Consider:

Shape & Silhouette

Seamed bras give more lift and definition. Seamless bras and t-shirt bras are great for wearing under thinner materials or tighter clothes.


Some brands are designed with smaller breasts in mind while others are made for fuller busts. While shopping on our site or in our store, we can advise you how each brand fits.

Sister Sizes

Bras have ‘sister sizes’. These are sizes that will fit similarly to your size. You can use the chart below to find your sister sizes. Find your size and move one direction left or right. This size bra could work for you too.