• Laundering your Lingerie

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        Great lingerie is an important investment for every woman. Whether you prefer to stick to comfortable basics in nude and black or get adventurous with wild colors and lace, your foundation garments are the key to looking and feeling your best every day. So how do you keep your bras looking and feeling their best?

        The first thing to remember is that the washing machine means too much wear and tear, and the dryer means disaster for bras! Using a washing machine or dryer to clean your lingerie can significantly reduce its lifespan. After just one or two washes you could find damaged lace, changes in shape or elasticity, or even holes where the underwire can poke out.

        To keep your bras in the best possible condition wear them for no more than two days in a row and hand wash every time (full disclosure, I’m a bit of a rebel and wash after 4-5 wears). That may sound tedious, especially if you’re used to using a washing machine. But don’t worry! Eucalan delicate wash takes all the hassle out of hand washing.

        Just fill a basin with room temperature water and a capful of Eucalan, submerge your bras and squeeze gently to make sure they’re saturated. Then you can forget about them for 15 to 20 minutes while they soak. Come back after a relaxing cup of tea or a stroll around the block, and all you need to do is hang your lingerie to dry. No rinsing necessary!

        Eucalan is available in five varieties: eucalyptus, lavender, grapefruit, natural (unscented), and jasmine. Because Eucalan is made with lanolin and scented with essential oils rather than perfumes, it’s gentle on sensitive skin. Its natural, biodegradable formula means it’s gentle on the environment too.

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  • Nipple Covers: Be worry free in the AC!

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        When we think about nipple covers, the first thing that comes to mind is often a low-backed dress that just won’t work with a bra. And with good reason! That’s a situation in which a little bit of coverage can provide a lot of extra confidence. Nipple covers can help you create a smoother silhouette and prevent any show-through.

        But did you know nipple covers aren’t just for bra-free days? If you love lace, you probably own (or want to try!) a few soft cup bras. One of the biggest concerns many women have with soft cups is the potential for nipples to show through. Nipple covers are the perfect solution. You won’t have to worry about the “headlights” look, even with lightweight or sheer fabrics.

        There are two main types of nipple covers: reusable and single use. Reusable nipple covers are made of silicone and can be worn up to 25 times before it’s time for a new pair. Single use covers are thinner, lighter weight, and are meant to be worn only once.

        Commando Lowbeams are latex free, single use nipple covers. They come in convenient, portable packs of five pairs and are semi-sheer. Keep a pack in your purse and you’ll be worry free when your office turns up the AC!

        Top Hats are Commando’s reusable nipple covers. They are slightly rounded, somewhat squishy disks about the size of a half dollar. For a larger, more rounded nipple cover try Fashion Forms Full Figure Gel Petals.  Both of these styles have built-in adhesive so you don’t have to worry about messy glue or tape. Silicone nipple covers are designed to be worn for four to six hours at a time. After you wear them, wash with mild soap and water and air dry. You can count on them again and again to give you smooth, worry-free coverage.

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