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Here is what our customers are saying

  • "Ashley did an amazing job with my fitting and helping me find the best bras for me! Its so much more then a quick measurement (like some places). Ashley knows exactly how each bra should fit and which ones are best for you personally. Its an amazing feeling to be able to wear a beautiful bra all day and not want to rip it off as soon as I walk in the door at the end of the day."


  • "I have become a huge fan of Ashley and her staff. They really are incredible. I walked in the first time feeling a bit nervous and not sure what I was looking for, and walked out feeling like I had made new friends on top of finding some really gorgeous things."


  • "The absolute best experience I have ever had with fitting and shopping for lingerie. The ladies of Aristelle are so knowledgeable, welcoming, helpful (without being pushy) and generally just had such wonderful energy about them. The product selection is also the best of the best. The combination of those two things made what usually feels like a chore feel fun and like self care at the same time. I can’t wait to go back for more."


  • "I had a great experience at Aristelle. I’m super picky on bras— I’m a DD but I don’t like wires and I need something as beautiful as it is comfortable and supportive. I actually had multiple options here and I am so happy with the quality of the bra I bought. The people who work here are so helpful and provide a great experience bringing you a bunch of options and letting you take your sweet time deciding on your favorite. It means a lot to me when there is no pressure to choose what someone else thinks is best for me and no pressure to hurry up and decide. The point of a good bra is to support you and let you breathe! I feel that the staff echo that philosophy and it’s worthwhile to come here instead of ordering online for the fitting experience."