Posted by Andrea King

Let’s get one thing straight—soft cup bras are amazing. They move with your body and they showcase your natural shape in a way that molded bras don’t. Every lingerie drawer should have a mix of both, but many women avoid soft cups for two reasons:

-They don’t want their nipples to show.

-They don’t want to look ‘pointy.’

Many of the soft cups we carry at Aristelle are lined, and have seamwork to help give lift and shape. The C Chic Sexy Plunge by Chantelle is a great example. The cups are made from Chantelle’s signature jacquard, giving you two layers of fabric to minimize any nipple exposure, while staying smooth underneath your clothes. The vertical seams give you lift and the curved seams round out your shape. Did we mention we carry this bra up to an H cup?

We all have our preferences of course, but if you haven’t tried on a soft cup bra before, ask for one at your next fitting—it’s all about finding the right bra for YOU, and you may just surprise yourself.