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Have You Ever Wondered How Bras Are Made?

We have too, and let’s just say they’ve certainly come along way! Manette Scheininger, a Maidenform executive, went so far as to compare the bra to a suspension bridge when she stated on the Today show that both “a bra and bridge have to support, and have to be flexible.”

Bras can have upwards of 40 components and take 6 months to 2 years to design and produce, with countless prototypes along the way.

This year PrimaDonna turns 150 years old and, like many other European brands we carry, they got their start making corsets. Each PrimaDonna bra requires 40-50 different stages of assembly, including 2 final hand inspections by an actual person (yes, you read that right, an actual person). They’re also the only manufacturer to wrap their underwire in rubber.

If a bra is the closest article of clothing to your body, it should fit like a second skin. It’s easy to think of bras as mass-produced items, but a supportive bra requires development and engineering. Every 2 minutes, a PrimaDonna Deauville bra is sold somewhere in the world. Talk about a good fit!

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