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Stockings or Stay Ups?

What is the difference between stockings, stay-ups and pantyhose?

Stockings, pantyhose and thigh highs are all made from either nylon or silk and their transparency is graded by unit of measure called a denier. 

The lower the denier the more transparent the stocking and the higher the denier the more opaque.   

  • Pantyhose cover you from the tip of the toe to the waist
  • Stockings cover from your toe to the top of your thigh
  • Stay-ups cover from your toe to the top of your thigh and have a silicone non-slip band to prevent them from falling down. 

Personally I prefer stockings for a boudoir look. I find stockings to be far sexier and when worn with the right outfit you can stop traffic.

One thing in particular I love about stockings is the triangle shape that is created when the suspender belt pulls the top of the stocking towards your hips. It elongates your legs and has that vintage look, reminiscent of a 1950’s house wife, which I think adds to the appeal.

The key to keeping stockings in place over a day or night, is a six to eight clip suspender belt, a four clip suspender tends to be best for looks.  

Stay-ups are great if you can't find a suspender belt to go with your set or if you don’t want the hassle of the straps and clips. 

I wear stay-ups from time to time and I find that because I am a shorty, they can be very practical for a day at work, whereas if I am wearing suspenders and stockings, this can cause me some trouble as the straps are often too long, so I always need to take some time to alter my suspenders before I wear them.

Sometimes the silicone strip on stay-ups can become a bit uncomfortable over the length of a day and it may roll down. 

Amber Von Blonde

The Lingerie Bible

April 30, 2017


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