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It Starts With You...

It Starts With You...

The next time you start to say something negative about your body pause and ask yourself: “would I say this to another woman out loud?”

“Be kind to yourself, then let your kindness fill the world."

It is human nature to judge people, places, situation, etc. until we gain more knowledge. So why is it that we often judge our own bodies the hardest? We overlook the meaningful lessons, the beautiful gifts, and the rewarding directions our physical bodies have carried us by focusing on (insert criticism here). Rarely do we pause in appreciation. Instead, we ruminate on the negative while actively overlooking the positive. Do not judge your worth or your value by your outward appearance. You are more than that and we are here to serve as your reminder when you forget. The next time you start to say something negative about your body pause and ask yourself: “would I say this to another woman out loud?” Be aware of and take inventory of the negative words that clutter your mind. Just as we are encouraged to lead from the heart and treat others with love and kindness, we must start with being loving and kind towards ourselves. May you always feel loved, may you always spread love and may you never forget to Love What’s Underneath.

In Love & Health,



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