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Aristelle's Spring/Summer Survival Guide

As we approach another wedding/prom/event season, a collective groan can be heard from women who are exhausted with the effort it takes to pull off That Dress. You know which one— the stunning number from Zane with a plunging neckline...and a low back. How am I supposed to make that work!? At Aristelle, we're always trying to make life a little easier. Here's a guide to our favorite wardrobe solutions that'll help you feel amazing and confident in your dream outfit.

First, you'll need a great strapless bra. Or better yet, a convertible bra!

So many women tell us they hate wearing strapless bras because they keep sliding down– and who wants to be seen tugging at their undergarments in a wedding photo? The secret is to find a strapless bra that offers enough support in the band so it fits like a glove. We carry several styles at Aristelle, including some convertible options that are perfect for tricky necklines. One of our favorites is Tom by Marie Jo: we love the straps which clip into place and convert from halter to racerback with ease.  


Going braless? Try nipple concealers.

So you want to go bra-less, but you'd rather not feature your high beams. Easy! Aristelle carries a few different types of nipple covers and we can make a recommendation based on your personal preferences.  Our favorites are from Commando, both the disposable Lowbeams and the Tophats, made of silicone and lasts use after use after use! 


But if you want to be a little more *ahem* concealed, we recommend wearing an adhesive bra.

If you'd feel much more comfortable wearing a bra but your dress just won't allow it, you can opt for an adhesive bra. We carry NuBra, "the original, backless, strapless, adhesive bra— handmade in the U.S.A. since 2002, for the ultimate in comfort and freedom." Seriously, this thing is amazing! And we're happy to help you figure out which size will suit you best.


We've got a trick for low back dresses.

Low back dresses are gorgeous, but peekaboo bra hooks ruin the effect. Some women search high and low for a special kind of bra with a low back closure so it won't show, but Aristelle has a style hack: it's an amazing adjustable strap that hooks onto your bra and converts it into a low back bra. It's a comfortable and inexpensive way to use what you already own, without having to drop extra cash on a bra you'll only wear once or twice.


And of course, you can always bring your dress into the shop and we'll help you figure out the rest. No stress.  :)


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