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Soon-to-be Moms & Nursing Moms

Soon-to-be Moms & Nursing Moms

First of all, congratulations! You have a lot to think about right now and we are here to help you feel comfortable and as pretty as you should feel during this magical time.

During Pregnancy

We recommend getting fitted after month 4 of your pregnancy. Your body will likely have changed and a well-fitting bra will properly support your growing breasts, expanding rib cage, and the added strain on your chest and neck muscles. A well-fitting maternity bra can also help eliminate stretch marks because they provide the right kind of support.

Depending on how much your body changes, you may need to buy several different size bras throughout your pregnancy.

From month 6, you should start wearing sleeper bras during the night to provide added support. These are great bras for nighttime nursing once the baby arrives so are well worth the investment.

During month 8, you can come into the store to be fitted for nursing bras. Our nursing bras have up to 6 hook closures on the back to allow for adjustments as you return to your pre-pregnancy shape. You will also have more time to focus on selecting the right items, instead of rushing with a new baby in tow.

Nursing Bras

We have the best nursing bras, in different styles and colors and would love to help you find the right fit to make breastfeeding as easy as possible.

Please feel free to bring your baby to your fitting.

You should have at least 3 nursing bras: 2 for daytime and 1 sleeper bra.

We work with lactation consultants who can provide advice on breastfeeding.


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