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What you really need on your wedding day

What you really need on your wedding day

Brides are flocking to the stores on a daily basis in preparation for spring weddings.

Almost everyone ask for corsets and bustiers. All strapless of course.

Unless you are wearing a ball gown, you will see where the corset ends. And you will have a line at the bottom of your belly that you will see in all your wedding pictures...for the rest of your life!

So, where does that leave you?
You want support.
You want smooth lines and, whether you've thought of it yet or not, you want to be comfortable - it's a long day!

A well-fitting strapless bra and some great shape wear will do everything you need.

Shape wear is becoming a little more appealing with stretch lace.  
But let's be honest, it's still not wedding night material! Shimmy out of your undergarments and into some silk to kick start your lives together.


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