Posted by Andrea King

Every holiday season, shoppers face the same dilemma- is it impersonal to give someone you care about a gift card? Not when you give an Aristelle gift card!

  • When you give her an Aristelle gift card, you are giving her an experience. Make it part of a ‘treat yourself’ day! She can get what she wants, and you don’t have to worry about picking the wrong size.
  • We specialize in fittings, which means we’ll help her find a bra that actually fits her, as well as finding something that’s comfortable and sexy.
  • We create customer profiles, and start wish lists! She can add items to the list, and the next time you are in the market to buy her a gift, you’ll know exactly what she wants.

Everyone loves seeing that big present under the tree, but it’s true what they say: good things do come in small packages. So even though she can’t throw it on and get that immediate satisfaction, her experience at Aristelle will be well worth the wait.