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10 Secrets (Good) Bra Fitting Experts Want You To Know

10 Secrets (Good) Bra Fitting Experts Want You To Know

We know that for most people, trying on bras is about as fun as getting your flu shot. But after thousands fittings, we decided it was time for some #realtalk before your next (or first!) bra fitting at Aristelle.
We know that for most people, trying on bras is about as fun as getting your flu shot. But after thousands fittings, we've decided it was time for some #realtalk before your next (or first!) bra fitting at Aristelle.

1. We're not judging your body. Like, at all.

We want you to look and feel your best, and your stomach/back/stretch marks/etc is the last thing on our mind when we're checking the fit of your bra.

2. Your underarms are not fat.

Everyone has loose skin there, and nobody notices it when you're wearing a shirt. Don't sweat it. How are we supposed to tone that area, anyway?!

3. And your boobs aren't saggy.

They're completely normal! Trust us- we've seen hundreds and hundreds of them. We know the real average. Nobody actually looks like the cover models for Cosmo.

4. Nipples. You have nipples, I have nipples, everyone has nipples. Nipples do not faze us no matter what shape, size, color, position- we've seen it all.

And if you don't have nipples? No need to feel self-conscious. Lots of women have undergone surgery for various reasons and you are not alone. And not to mention, being a breast cancer survivor makes you a total badass!

5. Speaking of seeing it all.. Don't be embarrassed or ashamed of the shape or size(s) of your breasts.

It is actually much more common for women to have asymmetrical breasts than to have "perfect" ones. So no need to feel sorry or apologize for your boobs!

6. The experts aren't always right.

Read that again. Are we experienced? Yes. Do we know what we're talking about? Of course! But guess who's in charge? You are. If something feels uncomfortable, trust your gut. You know your own body. Would you let a hairstylist chop your hair into a pixie cut just because they assured you it would suit your face shape? Maybe you'd look adorable. But every body is unique and you should make any final decisions for yourself because they make you genuinely happy.

7. Except we're right when we tell you that you really do need more than one bra.

We get it- bras are an investment! But just like a nice pair of jeans, bras get worn out quickly if you wear them every single day without giving 'em a breather. We're not even gonna say "treat yoself" because a few well-fitting bras is something you need. But we are going to say this: You absolutely deserve it!

8. Speaking of bras? Yes, you CAN pull off a sexy red bra.

Guess what, Ms. Plain Jane? You can totally rock a "sexy" bra. They're often just as supportive as everyday styles, so why not try one? We'd never force you to try anything, but we think you'll be surprised if you take the plunge (Sorry. We couldn't help throwing in another bra pun.)

9. But also, it's totally okay to be Plain Jane.

Like we said before, it's up to you! We think every woman should own whichever kinds of bras make her feel amazing. That's why we go through the effort of carrying all kinds of styles. And like, maybe Jane isn't actually plain at all. Maybe she just wears vibrant outfits that don't need anything showing underneath? You do you, girl.

10. In the end, it's about what makes you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

This is what we're all about. There are endless choices and hundreds of styles in every lingerie store. If you're overwhelmed, we're here for you! But if you'd rather have your privacy and try things on without our feedback, just let us know. The space is yours, and we want it to feel safe and relaxed. On a budget? No worries. Forgot to wear deodorant? No sweat. If there's one thing we want you to remember more than anything else on this list, we'll say it again: We're not judging you. Like, at all.

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