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SALTERRAE Playful Intimacy Trio

  • $ 126.00

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The SalTerrae Trio is made for sensual play. Explore the intimacy you crave with unique sensations and deep pleasure awakened by Passion, Allure, and Desire.

SalTerrae is a line of organic, plant-based intimacy oils designs exclusively for pleasure, play, and connection - with yourself or with a partner!

Offering three luxury sensations - Passion, Allure, and Desire. 
Each "kissable" food-grade oil is blended to evoke a different experience.

An electrifying blend of essential massage oils designed to enhance sexual intimacy. Allure is infused with a hint of spearmint and black pepper that evokes a warming and cooling sensation. Allure hemp extract intimate massage oil supports uplifting contentment, peacefulness, and an elevated sense of wellbeing.

A euphoric blend of essential hemp extract massage oils designed to enhance sexual intimacy. Desire is infused with ylang-ylang and frankincense that evokes an intoxicating sensation. Desire hemp extract intimate massage oil nurtures heightened performance enhances balance and nourishes comfort in the body.

A sultry blend of essential massage oils designed to enhance sexual intimacy. Passion is infused with a hint of cinnamon that evokes a warming sensation. Passion hemp extract intimate massage oil encourages deeply confident, relaxing, and pleasurable experiences.