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AnaOno F(OO)B Left Breast Insert

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Looking for a lightweight alternative to your breast prosthesis? Anaono's Breast Inserts are lightweight and super comfy! These inserts achieve a full-B or small-C cup shape proportional to your body size. These light-as-air foam breast forms are ideal alternatives for quick, easy, and affordable everyday wear. The seamless molded cup shape creates a smooth, natural appearance under clothing and is best suited when inserted into the interior pocket of our bras.

The left F(oo)B® insert is designed and sized to fit based on your band size. This form will give a B/C cup size to those who have had a single left mastectomy without reconstruction. To achieve a B/C cup under your shirt or dress, just select your band size and preferred color. Need a right-side? Check out the Right F(oo)B® Insert.

  • Achieves a B/C cup when inserted into bra pocket
  • Sized by band size of bra to be used in – Example: If you are size Small bra, choose F(oo)B™ size 32, Medium choose size 34, Large choose size 36.
  • Not meant to enhance breast size
  • Seamless
  • Molded foam breast insert
  • Lightweight for comfort
  • Comfortable for all-day wear
  • Sold for wearer's left side
  • Handwash/spot clean or machine wash on delicate as needed
  • Air dry to keep shape
  • Do not suggest use as swim form as it will retain water
  • Do not suggest laying against skin, best recommended use is inside pockets in bras and camisoles
  • Comes with wash bag for laundry or storage